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Evicting a tenant from the property is a difficult process, which should not be something that is taken lightly. If your tenant is not violating any terms of their lease, you cannot force them off the property until that lease expires. On the other hand, if the tenant is violating one or more of the agreements in the lease, you as the landlord can force them to leave. The first step in the process is to deliver an official notification to the tenant. That notification is most commonly called an eviction notice.

An eviction notice in Florida is a proper notice to the tenant, informing him or her that they have violated certain items in your lease agreement. They then have a certain amount of time to fix the problems or leave the property. If they have missed rent payments, for example, they will usually get 3 days in Florida to pay the missing rent or leave the property. If they do neither, you can file a complaint with the court and take legal action.

The eviction notice itself is not a legal document that can be enforced. It is simply a warning, telling your tenant that if they do not comply, you will take further action within the courthouse. You will probably want to warn your tenant within the letter that the action you plan to take might cause them even further consequences than simple eviction.

Once the notice has been delivered to the tenants, the landlord could consider several options. If the tenants fix the issue by paying rent or ceasing other actions that violate the lease agreement, you, the landlord could accept those items and stop the eviction process. If you do not want the tenants on the property any longer, even if they have paid restitution, you can ask the court to evict without consideration. The tenants would then have no recourse to rectify what they have done wrong.

Keep in mind that an eviction notice has to be prescribed in a certain manner. The language needs to be clear and leave no questions in the tenant’s mind. In order to make sure the eviction notice is properly constructed, it is a good idea to hire an eviction expert, such as the Florida Landlord Eviction Services LLC. This company offers a free, three-day notice to you, and will help you with the entire eviction process. If you have any questions, at all, about where to get an eviction notice or how to write one, you can contact this eviction services company for tips, advice, and help.

Writing an eviction notice is a process that is very specific, and it is necessary for it to be done right. The professionals at Florida Landlord Eviction Service LLC can help.

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